Thursday, September 30, 2010

The beginning

Well I have been wanting to start a blog to tell of my adventures so here it goes!

I have a son who was born on July 23rd named Glenn.  When I got pregnant I discovered the "new" cloth diapers--NOT your momma's old cloth rags with plastic pants!  When I saw these I immediately had a to stop looking them up and buying them.

I didn't start off in cloth since I had a c-section and I was not about to come home and do laundry or force my MIL to do it.  I ended up starting when my son was about a month old, and haven't wanted to stop since.  My husband's cousins all have bets on when I'm going to quit, but that just makes me want to do it even more!  The funny thing is, when I do use a disposable on occasion, I almost forget how to use them!

I plan to use this blog to review the various diapers I have, give tips, and spread the fluffy love.  There may also be some occasional "fuzz" as I show off my knitted creations as well.  So welcome to my blog!

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