Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally! My thoughts on BumGenius 4.0

Sorry it took so long, there was an extended holiday, lots of doctors appointments and a cold stuffed in there somewhere.

The 4.0 has been a FANTASTIC buy for me.  Please note I did pick this up in the seconds sale so if you see some imperfections in my photos, it was a second product.  I've only noticed the snaps are a little close to the seam on the closure and that one of the inserts wasn't quite sewn together all the way in one spot.

My first test of the 4.0, I put it on my son (who is heavy wetting & breastfed) who was at the time 2.5 months old.  We were going into town for one of my doctors appointments.  This excursion lasted 4-5 hours!  We went the whole time without a diaper change.  To my surprise we got home and there were NO leaks!  This was the first car trip we'd made with cloth where we had no leaks at all.  TWO thumbs up in my department.

I do own a 3.0, it didn't work so well when my son was younger for some reason, but as he's gotten less chubby and longer it is working better now.  I'm glad the 4.0 has upgraded to snaps, I prefer snaps since I don't have to worry about aplix snagging other dipes in the wash or the loss of stickiness.  The 4.0 is also larger, which is good for me since my boy is already 15+ lbs.  I want him to be able to stay in his one size diapers for longer.

On to the pics!
The bumGenius 4.0 comes with the classic bumGenius adjustable insert & a doubler.

Outside of the diaper

Insert at its largest setting (this is pretty long!)

Medium (which is what I have it set at for my son)

and Small

Stuffed & ready to go (this is how I store it)

And snapped up in the settings for my son's size

If I was starting my diaper collection all over again, I'd definitely add some more 4.0's to my stash.  It's a great diaper for overnight or long trips!  I really like how this diaper comes with inserts that work great with it already so I don't have to figure out what to buy to go with it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

BumGenius 4.0!

I am starting to love my one BumGenius 3.0....the fit is finally working out for my 2 month old chubber and in a nice way!  I recently picked up 2 seconds of the 4.0 at the CottonBabies sale.  I am hoping the snaps make me LOOOVE the BumGenius as much as I want to love them!  I picked up an elemental recently and I would love to add more to my stash, but I'm cheap!  Maybe I can convince myself to pick up some more in the future.

Spreading the love for BumGenius!  I will be posting what I think on my new 4.0's once I get to try them out!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The pile of diapers in our stash

top to bottom
Column 1
2 Nubunz, 3 Sassycloth One Size
Column 2
5 All in One GroVia One Size
Column 3
1 One Size Fuzzibunz
8 Medium Perfect Fit Fuzzibunz
Column 4
7 Grovia All in Two One Size
Column 5
1 BumGenius elemental One Size
1 BumGenius fitted small (too small now)
1 BumGenius 3.0 One Size
And at the bottom...
Bamboo Baby by Stay Dri One Size
Tot Bots by Bummis Easy Fit One Size

Maybe now I can wash every other day?  I will probably continue to wash every day, but NOW my dipes should last longer!

Bummi's Tot Bots Easy Fit

Showing off his new Tot Bots easy fit
This diaper is amazingly soft inside and out!  I have a feeling it's going to be one of my favorites.  He's wearing it for the first time right now.