Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dri-Line Bamboo Baby All in One Cloth Diaper Review

The Dri-Line Bamboo Baby All in One Diaper is a one size diaper, adjustable by snaps for the rise, and either a snap or aplix closure.

The inside of the diaper is a super soft Bamboo Rayon (80% bamboo Rayon / 20% Polyester) and the waterproof layer is PUL.  The absorbent liner is attached, so you won't need to go fishing for it in the wash.  This diaper does not need to be stuffed, simply lay the liner inside the diaper, fold over the excess, and put it on your baby.

Dri-Line products are made in Canada

I received a diaper in blue with snap closure, and one in chocolate with aplix closure to review.

This is a newer version diaper, if you experienced the old version, they have vastly improved the aplix!  I have not had any issues with the aplix on this diaper, it sticks well to the laundry tabs in the wash.  This version also comes in snaps for those of us that prefer snapping diapers.

I have my son on the middle setting, and it fits great! This diaper will be able to fit him for quite a while longer than some other one size diapers.  The inside is very soft, even after several washes.  I love using this diaper since it is easy to use, I just fold down the attached soaker and put it on my son.  No hunting for liners, inserts, and no stuffing.  I also LOVE the new colors!  The chocolate diaper is my favorite color.  This diaper is great for taking in the diaper bag, during the day, or even naps.  The absorbency is amazing, probably due to the use of bamboo instead of cotton.

This diaper retails for $22.95

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers All in One Diaper Review

The Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers All in One diaper is a sized diaper that runs from S-XL
This AIO is a side snapper, and only comes in snaps, and only comes in white.  It is made of cotton terry and a PUL outer.

The Sandy’s Absorbent Liner offers an extra boost for overnight or heavy wetters.  This liner just needs to be laid inside the diaper, no stuffing or fuss.

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers products are made in Canada.  They have been manufacturing diapers for over 18 years and continue to improve their products.

I received the All in One diaper in size large.  My son is at the bottom of the recommended weight range, but I knew the medium would be too small or wouldn’t last us long since he’s a growing boy!  I also received the Sandy’s Absorbent Liner in unbleached cotton size large.

This diaper may not be the most glamorous diaper, but it sure does absorb!  It works well for long naps, and appears to be very comfortable for my son.  It leaves no red marks, the elastic is not too tight at all, yet it is enough to keep the diaper on and functioning properly.  I never tried this without the Sandy’s Absorbent Liner, since I was afraid my son would wet straight through just the diaper.  My son can soak the entire diaper & liner, but it has not leaked.  The only (minor) issue is if he wet heavily, the diaper will wick through the manufacturer’s tag.  Generally, this only happens overnight or after a very long nap.

The Mother-Ease All in One Diaper retails from $15.95-$17.95
The Sandy’s Absorbent Liner retails for $2.30

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Envibum AIO Diaper Review

**** WARNING**** at this time several people are having issues receiving their orders from Envibum. This is something I just heard so proceed with caution. Their website is currently down and their facebook page appears to have been removed.
Every baby will have ENVI for your baby’s BUM in these diapers!  With an outer layer of minky in a fashionable color, your baby will be styling.

Envibum diapers feature a unique inner fabric that channels the moisture away from baby.  There is an attached soaker that you tuck into the pocket, and it agitates out in the wash.  You can also purchase additional boosters to get more absorbency.  

WAIT—there’s more! $2 from every diaper is donated to a worth cause based upon the color you purchase. 

From their website:
Every time you purchase an envipolka diaper, we help support mom4mom ministries!
Every time you purchase an envipurple diaper, we donate $2 to special needs orginazation!
Every time you purchase an envigreen diaper, we donate $2 to Food for the Hungry!
Every time you purchase an enviaqua diaper, we donate $2 to Living Water International!
Every time you purchase an enviyellow diaper, we donate $2 to Helping Hands in Africa!
Every time you purchase an envired diaper, we donate $2 to Salvation Army!
Every time you purchase an envipink diaper, we donate $2 to Crisis Pregnancy Center!
Every time you purchase an enviwhite diaper, we donate $2 to Homes of Hope!
Every time you purchase an mom4mom diaper cover, we give another cover to a mom in need!

AMAZING, right?  Now I want to buy some to help support these great causes!

The verdict:
Well this diaper may not be as trim as some other AIO’s but this has the absorbent power to make up for it!  My son has not had any leaks with this diaper yet.  The bulkiness may make the fit a bit different, but it WORKS, which is all that matters to me. Two thumbs up, and I wish I had more!  There is definitely room for my son to grow in this diaper.

Price: Diapers are $22.99

Check out their website:
Facebook page:

And guess what else? You can now purchase Envibum on Amazon!

Blissful Booty AIO Diaper

First, I’d like to say the lovely Cathy who runs Blissful Booty is very nice, and awesome! 

These diapers come sized, from newborn to toddler.  Sized diapers provide a better fit, while matching the absorbency needed for the size of the child.

So far, these diapers come in two colors: celery and buttercream, but there are more colors coming soon!

What makes this diaper unique:
·        Double gussets
·        Ultra soft interior
·        Front elastic

If you have an ultra-wetter like my son (heavy wetter +) then you can boost the absorbency power of the diaper by laying in a few booster pads.  I use two for my son’s diapers.

This diaper uses an aplix closure, but you can also upgrade to snaps & aplix.  The aplix is good quality, and the laundry tabs really work!

These diapers are great for the diaper bag or for everyday use.  They are very trim and compact.

Drying time: these do not take much longer than a pocket diaper’s inserts to dry.

This is a true AIO, no stuffing or fussing involved, just wash, dry, then put on baby!

Price: Diapers run $17.99 for one or $64.99 for a 4 pack.  Boosters are $12.99 for a 5 pack

Check out Blissful Booty's Website for all your diapering needs; they have wipes, wipe water concentrate, diaper detergent, pail liners, DIAPERS of course, and wet bags as well as the boosters.

And follow them on Facebook to be in-the-know when they have sales & giveaways!