Saturday, January 26, 2013

Speech Delays... and progress

When those first words just don't come like they should, you start to get concerned.  At two and a half I'm sure most of your children can call you Mommy or Mama.  My son did not... until today.  I am overjoyed he is making progress!

We had him evaluated last week at the children's hospital speech department.  He is at least a year behind on verbal expression.  He only says maybe 10 words.  He is fine with everything else, he surprises us daily with how much he comprehends, and you only have to tell him what something is once.

For all the parents out there that are struggling with the same problem, I feel for you.  It isn't easy, and it can be quite frustrating.  It's also hard when it is recommended that he go to daycare or preschool to be around children his own age when you can't afford the first and the latter is an issue since it is hard to potty train with a non-verbal child.  Luckily, there are options out there for us.  I am hoping we get accepted into the school district's early intervention program.  If not, I will be driving an hour to speech therapy and an hour back once a week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A year past... and so many things!

I can hardly believe almost a year has passed since my last blog post.  I was overwhelmed by everything in my life and pretty much had to stop posting for a while to focus on family and everything.

I did have the radioactive iodine treatment last February.  I stayed at my grandparents' house, and unfortunately the day before I was to have my treatment, my grandpa fell and broke his hip badly.  A good part of the spring and part of the summer was spent visiting him in a rehab facility.  He is home now, but isn't the same by far.  My son did quite well staying at our house with my mother in law during my isolation period.

My energy levels bounced around for a while as my thyroid adjusted to having cells killed off.  I ended up using disposables on a regular basis.  I have since gone back and forth.  Cloth really helps out now that my son is old enough to start thinking about potty training.  I hate to think we missed a magic window when I was not well, he was very interested in late winter/early spring but I just didn't have it in me.  I think he will train soon now though.

Six months after my treatment, my thyroid levels were completely normal!  I have NEVER been that way!  I was able to discontinue my heart medication as well since the palpitations I experience had dropped off dramatically.  My thyroid nodule had shrunk, but was still there and hadn't collapsed as they expected.  I will go back in for another thyroid ultrasound next month.

I have had energy like I haven't had in years.  However, I had this killer anxiety problem, and I had no idea what was causing it.  I could hardly leave the house, even to visit the family.  After talking to my cardiologist, then doing a little research on my own, I came to the conclusion that it was my birth control pills!  Ladies if you are feeling out of sorts and you are on the pill, it could be the culprit!  It took three months for it to be totally out of my system, but I am SO incredibly better now.

Last spring I purchased an embroidery machine for fun!  I thought it would make a great addition to my sewing hobby.  I have really enjoyed making gifts for friends and family.  I may start listing a few select things on etsy to keep up the cost of my habit.

As for my son, he's been a really great kid through all this.  He is happy and loving.  Unfortunately, his words just haven't been there, and at 2 1/2 he isn't talking as much as he should.  We recently saw a speech therapist for an evaluation, and he will begin therapy soon.  I look forward to him talking as opposed to whining all the time.  He has maybe 8 words right now.  He loves watching Caillou, and he's actually learned a few of his words from watching it.  He's developed a love for all things cat, he has to have a cat book read to him every night, and he loves his stuffed cats.  Nothing compares to his JellyCat monkey though!

If any of you are still reading this, I hope you stick around.  The focus of the blog may change a little, but don't all as our kids grow?  I am still a huge proponent of cloth diapering, I have helped two friends start cloth diapering their newborns in the past few months.  I fully plan on cloth diapering my next child, whenever he or she decides to come along.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nordic Ware Popcorn Popper ~ You'll never go back to bagged microwave popcorn!

This product is SO fantastic and has been a huge hit in my house.  Seriously, if you are still eating microwave popcorn out of a bag, it's time to head to your local Target and pick one of these up.

On here the nordicware website it is more, but it is on special right now at Target for $8.99  I found it in the same aisle as the popcorn.

This isn't a separate appliance, it's simply a specialized bowl and lid that go in your microwave.  Add 1/3 cup popcorn, and set the time like you normally do for your bag of popcorn.  You DON'T need to add any oil.  After it's done popping add your favorite seasonings, put the lid back on, shake, then enjoy!

My favorite seasoning is 2 tbsp butter + a couple pinches of salt.  Salt goes a LONG way, so don't add too much!

The bowl is so easy to clean, it is top rack microwave safe.  Also, you can use it as a serving bowl! So if you are using a bowl to put your bagged popcorn in, you really don't have much more to wash.  Fresh popcorn tastes so much better, and you can make it much healthier and control the ingredients that go in to it.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A hard decision, will be leaving my son for a week

One of the hardest things I will have to do in my life so far:

I have to leave my son for a week. No physical contact, no being near him, only skype & face time.

This is not optional, this was not an easy choice.

My son deserves a healthy mommy to take good care of him, take him to the park, play with him, cook him good meals, and all that good stuff.

I have had a thyroid problem for several years, over 10 years even.  It has been laying low, and not really done anything in that 10 years.  I haven't been on medication for it.  I have a rather large nodule, but it hadn't changed in size at all.... that is until this last year.  Now, I am trying to get healthy, for my son and for any future children we might have.  I have had low energy for several years, spells of anxiety, which all may be attributed to my thyroid.  Add on top of that a large growing nodule in my neck that is starting to cause issues with swallowing... I think it's time.

I had two choices... and this was a VERY hard decision.  Some of you may not agree with my choice, but it is what it is.  I had to choose between radioactive iodine treatment (RAI) or surgery.  I have chosen to go with RAI.  There are several factors that led to this decision.  It requires I will have to be away from children for at least a week.  The easiest way to do this is to remove me from the household for a week.  I couldn't bear the thought of making my son leave his house and his mom & dad for the duration, so he will be staying here with my mother in law, and my hubby when he is not at work.  I will be staying at a relative's house.

I know my son will miss me, I mean, he has me all day long.  He misses me when I go to somewhere and leave him at home with my husband.  I'm just glad he is young enough that he shouldn't remember me leaving him for so long.  I will miss him dearly.  I am thankful for things like skype and face time.  This means I will actually be able to see and talk to my son during this time.

If any of you have suggestions of what I can do to make this easier, please leave a comment.  I appreciate it.

Monday, November 28, 2011

How do you use your Oeko Popo Diaper? A review

How do you use your Oeko Popo Diaper?

The Oeko Popo Diaper is an up and coming unique diapering option. Undecided on what style of cloth diapering to use? There are pockets, all in ones, all in twos, fitteds, and prefolds.  Well with the Oeko Popo Diaper, you can try ALL of these with a little help.  The Oeko Popo Diaper is designed to be a pocket, an AIO, and AI2, and a diaper cover! This is AMAZING and this is just the beginning of what I have to tell you about their wonderful diapers!

This diaper is super trim when used with their inserts. The inserts may be super thin, but they absorb quite well!

The prices for these diapers are ONLY $11.95 for size 1, and $13.95 for size 2. This can build up a stash for a low price! Not to mention the lovely lady who runs Oeko Popo is super nice!

The diaper I received for review is the Versatility diaper in red.  The first thing I noticed was how trim it was... but when I put it on my son, I noticed something I REALLY liked. The extra wing snaps on the inside! When your diaper is snapped tighter and you have extra snaps on the outside, without these snaps the fabric tends to stick up...but this solves that problem

Onto the uses! I will show you a few I really like

Used as a cover with a prefold (no snappis needed!)

Use as a cover with a fitted diaper

And then as an AI2 or AIO, you can leave this snapped when you wash or unsnap it and use it as an AI2 and replace the soaker with a clean one

They also sell a snap in pocket, but I don't have one or else I'd have photos of that for you as well!

Another thing I noticed about this diaper, is that it looks like it will fit a much larger baby. My son is currently around 25 lbs and is all the way unsnapped for rise on all his one size diapers EXCEPT for the Oeko Popo! I actually have the rise snapped down one. You can see the size difference here comparing the BumGenius Elemental with the Oeko Popo Versatility at their largest snap settings

But the diaper can also get super small as well as seen here comparing smallest setting again with the BumGenius Elemental

The crossover tabs are especially nice for those small babies

My son really enjoys wearing this diaper as well, works great for an active toddler!

You can purchase Oeko Popo Diapers at
or visit them on facebook

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dri-Line Bamboo Baby All in One Cloth Diaper Review

The Dri-Line Bamboo Baby All in One Diaper is a one size diaper, adjustable by snaps for the rise, and either a snap or aplix closure.

The inside of the diaper is a super soft Bamboo Rayon (80% bamboo Rayon / 20% Polyester) and the waterproof layer is PUL.  The absorbent liner is attached, so you won't need to go fishing for it in the wash.  This diaper does not need to be stuffed, simply lay the liner inside the diaper, fold over the excess, and put it on your baby.

Dri-Line products are made in Canada

I received a diaper in blue with snap closure, and one in chocolate with aplix closure to review.

This is a newer version diaper, if you experienced the old version, they have vastly improved the aplix!  I have not had any issues with the aplix on this diaper, it sticks well to the laundry tabs in the wash.  This version also comes in snaps for those of us that prefer snapping diapers.

I have my son on the middle setting, and it fits great! This diaper will be able to fit him for quite a while longer than some other one size diapers.  The inside is very soft, even after several washes.  I love using this diaper since it is easy to use, I just fold down the attached soaker and put it on my son.  No hunting for liners, inserts, and no stuffing.  I also LOVE the new colors!  The chocolate diaper is my favorite color.  This diaper is great for taking in the diaper bag, during the day, or even naps.  The absorbency is amazing, probably due to the use of bamboo instead of cotton.

This diaper retails for $22.95

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers All in One Diaper Review

The Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers All in One diaper is a sized diaper that runs from S-XL
This AIO is a side snapper, and only comes in snaps, and only comes in white.  It is made of cotton terry and a PUL outer.

The Sandy’s Absorbent Liner offers an extra boost for overnight or heavy wetters.  This liner just needs to be laid inside the diaper, no stuffing or fuss.

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers products are made in Canada.  They have been manufacturing diapers for over 18 years and continue to improve their products.

I received the All in One diaper in size large.  My son is at the bottom of the recommended weight range, but I knew the medium would be too small or wouldn’t last us long since he’s a growing boy!  I also received the Sandy’s Absorbent Liner in unbleached cotton size large.

This diaper may not be the most glamorous diaper, but it sure does absorb!  It works well for long naps, and appears to be very comfortable for my son.  It leaves no red marks, the elastic is not too tight at all, yet it is enough to keep the diaper on and functioning properly.  I never tried this without the Sandy’s Absorbent Liner, since I was afraid my son would wet straight through just the diaper.  My son can soak the entire diaper & liner, but it has not leaked.  The only (minor) issue is if he wet heavily, the diaper will wick through the manufacturer’s tag.  Generally, this only happens overnight or after a very long nap.

The Mother-Ease All in One Diaper retails from $15.95-$17.95
The Sandy’s Absorbent Liner retails for $2.30