About Me

I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 5 years.  We met in college, in an computer programming class of all places!  We have a wonderful beautiful son who was born in July 2010.

I am currently a stay at home mom.  Previously I have done everything from managing a microbiology lab to running a horticulture unit at a university.  While I do miss growing plants and the company of fellow co-workers, nothing can compete with staying at home watching my beautiful son grow up.

We love cloth diapering, but we are not a super-intense eco-everything family.  While I do want to stop using so many extra things like paper towels and pre-made baby food, life takes over and I just can't handle doing everything.

Where does the fuzzy fluff come from?  Well anyone who knows me well KNOWS I love all things soft, fuzzy, and fluffy.  This can be a bad thing as I accumulate more and more soft fuzzy fabrics, yarn, and diapers.  One of my little dogs is even so fluffy that when I give her a haircut, I have a hard time not petting her for hours on end because she's so fuzzy soft.