Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash

I was lucky enough to win a few samples of Ruby Moon a while back.  I had been using a well known cloth diaper detergent brand (not the GREEN one), but had not been totally impressed with it.  I was slogging through the box of detergent and these samples appeared in my mailbox from the lovely Lyndsay.

It was love at first.....smell?  I got the diaper detergent samples & some pail powder.  I LOVED the smell.  Next I tried it in my wash.  OH MY GOODNESS.  This stuff washes fantastic!  It took the stinkies out and got rid of some texture issues I was having with my previous detergent.  I had no qualms with ordering more during their Black Friday sale!  Well was I in for a surprise... I ordered the winter pomegranate scent.  My mailbox smelled so lovely, my mailperson must have wondered what was inside!  Let me warn you this scent is so delicious you may be tempted to eat your laundry wash...

Now, all you who have men in your lives know what I am talking about when I say "man odor" or "eau de man".  I have used countless detergents, oxyclean, and bleach to try to get this scent out of my husband's undershirts and our sheets.  Look no further!  I left a message on their facebook page asking for recommendations for this problem.  Well all I had on hand was the diaper wash, so they recommended I add a scoop of oxyclean to that and wash away.  No more man smell!!!!  Well guess what I'll be ordering as soon as I stop feeling guilty about all the mainstream detergent I already have that I am not going to use anymore...

As far as customer service goes, they are super duper fantastic!  I had some problems with a bag being ripped open, and they were quick to respond and helpful with fixing the issue.  Lets just say my postal people are rough with their packages.  Lyndsay is lovely to deal with and I would recommend Ruby Moon to anyone!  I'm already guilty of sharing her lovely product with my sister in law since it is SO fantastic!

So go show them some love, order some samples, or dive in and order a whole bag!  You won't regret it one bit!

Ruby Moon Website

Ruby Moon on Facebook

Hevea Natural Rubber Pacifier Review

A few months back, I recieved  Hevea Natural Rubber Pacifier to review.  I was sent the Crown Orthodontic Pacifier 0-3 months size.  I was excited to try it out, but unsure how it would go over with my son.  I had recently discovered that a 3 month old baby that is the size of a 6 month old requires a 6 month size pacifier too!  I don't know why that had never crossed my mind.

I boiled the pacifier and gave it to him.  He seemed to like the texture and everything, but he really prefers a larger size nipple now.  I really like this paci and wish he had been able to use it longer, but it just wasn't the right size.  I am kicking myself for not buying one of their teethers & the next size up paci during their Cyber Monday sale because I was really impressed by the quality of this product.

You can see their range of products here:
They have just recently started selling their products in the US!  Made from 100% Natural Rubber.  They are really focused on sustainability & being environmentally friendly.

Please check out their facebook page as well

Writing this blog makes me want to go buy a teether now!

*comes out from behind the curtain*

Geez louise has it been THAT long since I've been back here?

I'm SO sorry.  It's partly avoidance, partly this partly that excuses excuses. lol!

I'm overdue for a review on an item...terribly bad, plus I have a few products I'd like to spotlight! So let's get on with it maybe I'll accomplish something today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Early Morning Musings.... Snaps vs. Aplix

When I set out to buy my first cloth diapers, snaps seemed quite daunting.  I mean, this is my first baby...I've changed ONE diaper in my entire life (and it was disposable, and he peed on me)...who am I to think I can handle snaps?  So the first diapers I picked up were mostly aplix.  I had one lonely Nubunz that I bought in snaps.  I had read that snaps made it harder for toddlers to take off their diapers...that was about it.

Fast forward to when I began to cloth diaper.  The aplix was so easy to put on!  JUST like putting on a disposable.  I then purchased more aplix diapers (this time it was the gro via AI2's).  A few weeks into washing,.aplix was no longer my friend.  I had to worry about laundry tabs and one of my diapers had a serious design flaw...the laundry tabs were too small!  Aplix likes to curl and stick to other diapers, and pick up lint.  By this time my one snap diaper seemed to not be too bad.  Snapping really wasn't that hard at all, and let me tell you my son was NOT cooperative at all during the changes.  I began to love my snaps, so I picked up some more.  Snaps are now my preference.

That being said, there are a few aplix diapers that really take the cake.  So far I've had no issues at all with my Bummis Tot Bots Easy Fit.  It has GREAT laundry tabs!  I haven't ventured into too many more aplix diapers since I am tired of dealing with them in the laundry.

I recently considered changing all my diapers to snaps.  The truth is, I really can't.  I wish I could, but there is the cost factor of getting them converted, plus the relative factor.  My husband, sweetie that he is, helps me out with diaper changes sometimes, but he has trouble remembering to put aplix back on its laundry tabs.  He does seem to prefer to put on snaps (which is a wonder to me).  So the issue does not lie there.  My MIL however, she has never had to deal with snap diapers, and it is hard on her fingers.  She never can figure out where to snap the diaper so it's snug, and it's just easier for everyone to have the aplix around.  I've never had my mom change a cloth diaper.  I tend to do disposables when I go visit for the day, but that was due to not having enough wetbags at the time.  I doubt she would like messing with snaps either.

If you are trying out cloth diapers for the first time, buy a few of each for your test runs.  Keep in mind that things may change along the line after several washings or after you get into a routine.  I probably should have done one of those test runs with companies that let you "try out cloth" before purchasing to figure all this out, but I couldn't wait to buy my son his very own diapers.  Your opinions may be different than mine, you may LOVE aplix and hate snaps.  There's nothing wrong with that!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally! My thoughts on BumGenius 4.0

Sorry it took so long, there was an extended holiday, lots of doctors appointments and a cold stuffed in there somewhere.

The 4.0 has been a FANTASTIC buy for me.  Please note I did pick this up in the seconds sale so if you see some imperfections in my photos, it was a second product.  I've only noticed the snaps are a little close to the seam on the closure and that one of the inserts wasn't quite sewn together all the way in one spot.

My first test of the 4.0, I put it on my son (who is heavy wetting & breastfed) who was at the time 2.5 months old.  We were going into town for one of my doctors appointments.  This excursion lasted 4-5 hours!  We went the whole time without a diaper change.  To my surprise we got home and there were NO leaks!  This was the first car trip we'd made with cloth where we had no leaks at all.  TWO thumbs up in my department.

I do own a 3.0, it didn't work so well when my son was younger for some reason, but as he's gotten less chubby and longer it is working better now.  I'm glad the 4.0 has upgraded to snaps, I prefer snaps since I don't have to worry about aplix snagging other dipes in the wash or the loss of stickiness.  The 4.0 is also larger, which is good for me since my boy is already 15+ lbs.  I want him to be able to stay in his one size diapers for longer.

On to the pics!
The bumGenius 4.0 comes with the classic bumGenius adjustable insert & a doubler.

Outside of the diaper

Insert at its largest setting (this is pretty long!)

Medium (which is what I have it set at for my son)

and Small

Stuffed & ready to go (this is how I store it)

And snapped up in the settings for my son's size

If I was starting my diaper collection all over again, I'd definitely add some more 4.0's to my stash.  It's a great diaper for overnight or long trips!  I really like how this diaper comes with inserts that work great with it already so I don't have to figure out what to buy to go with it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

BumGenius 4.0!

I am starting to love my one BumGenius 3.0....the fit is finally working out for my 2 month old chubber and in a nice way!  I recently picked up 2 seconds of the 4.0 at the CottonBabies sale.  I am hoping the snaps make me LOOOVE the BumGenius as much as I want to love them!  I picked up an elemental recently and I would love to add more to my stash, but I'm cheap!  Maybe I can convince myself to pick up some more in the future.

Spreading the love for BumGenius!  I will be posting what I think on my new 4.0's once I get to try them out!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The pile of diapers in our stash

top to bottom
Column 1
2 Nubunz, 3 Sassycloth One Size
Column 2
5 All in One GroVia One Size
Column 3
1 One Size Fuzzibunz
8 Medium Perfect Fit Fuzzibunz
Column 4
7 Grovia All in Two One Size
Column 5
1 BumGenius elemental One Size
1 BumGenius fitted small (too small now)
1 BumGenius 3.0 One Size
And at the bottom...
Bamboo Baby by Stay Dri One Size
Tot Bots by Bummis Easy Fit One Size

Maybe now I can wash every other day?  I will probably continue to wash every day, but NOW my dipes should last longer!

Bummi's Tot Bots Easy Fit

Showing off his new Tot Bots easy fit
This diaper is amazingly soft inside and out!  I have a feeling it's going to be one of my favorites.  He's wearing it for the first time right now.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The beginning

Well I have been wanting to start a blog to tell of my adventures so here it goes!

I have a son who was born on July 23rd named Glenn.  When I got pregnant I discovered the "new" cloth diapers--NOT your momma's old cloth rags with plastic pants!  When I saw these I immediately had a to stop looking them up and buying them.

I didn't start off in cloth since I had a c-section and I was not about to come home and do laundry or force my MIL to do it.  I ended up starting when my son was about a month old, and haven't wanted to stop since.  My husband's cousins all have bets on when I'm going to quit, but that just makes me want to do it even more!  The funny thing is, when I do use a disposable on occasion, I almost forget how to use them!

I plan to use this blog to review the various diapers I have, give tips, and spread the fluffy love.  There may also be some occasional "fuzz" as I show off my knitted creations as well.  So welcome to my blog!