Saturday, January 26, 2013

Speech Delays... and progress

When those first words just don't come like they should, you start to get concerned.  At two and a half I'm sure most of your children can call you Mommy or Mama.  My son did not... until today.  I am overjoyed he is making progress!

We had him evaluated last week at the children's hospital speech department.  He is at least a year behind on verbal expression.  He only says maybe 10 words.  He is fine with everything else, he surprises us daily with how much he comprehends, and you only have to tell him what something is once.

For all the parents out there that are struggling with the same problem, I feel for you.  It isn't easy, and it can be quite frustrating.  It's also hard when it is recommended that he go to daycare or preschool to be around children his own age when you can't afford the first and the latter is an issue since it is hard to potty train with a non-verbal child.  Luckily, there are options out there for us.  I am hoping we get accepted into the school district's early intervention program.  If not, I will be driving an hour to speech therapy and an hour back once a week.

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