Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scentsy, that wickless wax warmer stuff

To be honest, when I first heard about Scentsy, I wasn’t interested.  I did win a few scent circles in a cloth diaper chat that was focused on fire safety, but I just set them aside for a while since I thought I had no real use for them.

Then I kept seeing Scentsy…………everywhere on Facebook.  There were giveaways for bars, buddies, warmers, circles, tins…all kinds of items everywhere!  I started to try to win bars, not really knowing what I would do with them if I did.  Well, I never did win a bar.  The social groups started to be created on Facebook, and one of my friends added me.  I suddenly had an obsession…I HAD to get myself some one way or another.

Well somehow I found Jeanene’s group.  I found a nice place to hang out in the group’s chat as well as posting in the group.  I made a few friends, and also really connected with Jeanene.  I then discovered her team, led by Hollie, which was made up of a group of wonderfully nice women.  If you are looking for a great consultant to purchase from or work under, I recommend any of these ladies.  The Facebook groups are great because you can talk with the consultants, and they offer free games as well as great deals on product.

I made a few purchases, then another, and another…and somehow I have a whole house’s worth of warmers and bars.  I have two plug-ins, which are compact warmers that plug into an outlet like a nightlight, only it’s for scent!  I have found that just one cube from a scent bar is more than enough to keep your bathroom smelling great.  I have one mid-size warmer, which I’ve had on my kitchen counter.  The first time I used it, I warmed two cubes.  WOWWIE ZOWWIE.  That was a LOT of scent power.  I now use only one cube in it now.  I just got in my first full size warmer, and haven’t figured out where I want it yet.  It is the gorgeous warmer of the month, Dottie.

If you’re like me and not into floral or manly scents, no fear!  There are plenty of scents for you to try.  I am currently obsessed with cucumber lime, which smells like a freshly sliced cucumber.  Jumpin’ Jellybean is also a favorite, which my brother thinks smells like juice, and always makes my mouth water.

If you’re concerned about safety, especially with kids hanging around, I have a story for you.  Just this weekend I was at a friend’s house, she had her plug-in going for a while.  Her little niece was sitting on the counter with grandma right nearby, and somehow managed to reach her little hand into the warmer on accident.  Other than scaring her grandma half to death, she was fine.  The only downside was the wax stuck to her hand nicely, reminding me of Elmer’s glue.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well I have a party going on over at Jeanene’s and would love it if you made a purchase from my party.  Also, I think Jeanene is an AWESOME consultant and would love for her to get more customers.  Not to mention, I am thankful to have a nice smelling house now with the added benefit of no wicks, no fear of fire!

Jeanene’s Facebook Group

Jeanene’s Scentsy Website
Please place orders under Jennifer’s Party

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