Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on the AIO Project

Well, it's been some time now since I announced the start of this project so I figured it's time for an update!

Currently in testing:
Blissful Booty Diaper & booster
Bamboo Baby in snaps & aplix
Envibum diaper & absorbency pad
Mother-Ease diaper & sandy booster

I am hoping to have the diapers all here and through the testing phase so I can finish the reviews by mid-April.  The comparison will have to be done last, and may take some more time.

Additionally, there will be mini reviews on diapers I already own that fit into the AIO category:
BumGenius Elemental
BumGenius All in One
Bummis Tot Bots Easy Fit
GroVia All in One

This has been challenging for myself and giving a true test to the AIO's.  My son has been growing and has increased his wetting abililty, which was already heavy.  Booster & extra absorbency pads have been added to the review to reflect options for heavy wetters & overnight.


  1. Thanks for joining the blog hop! Hope you enjoy the AIOs :) They sure are handy!

  2. Hi there found you on the everything cloth blog hop (following now)and I think this sounds like a great project I have all pocket diapers (and a few hybrids) but have been wondering about AIOs also as they would be easy for others... interested to hear how things stack up. All of the new ones you have listed- were those all given to you for review? If so thats awesome! I am new to both CDing and blogging and am trying to figure this whole thing out... I think your blog is beautiful so if you have a chance to stop by and offer any advice/suggestions you may have I'd love it!