Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash

I was lucky enough to win a few samples of Ruby Moon a while back.  I had been using a well known cloth diaper detergent brand (not the GREEN one), but had not been totally impressed with it.  I was slogging through the box of detergent and these samples appeared in my mailbox from the lovely Lyndsay.

It was love at first.....smell?  I got the diaper detergent samples & some pail powder.  I LOVED the smell.  Next I tried it in my wash.  OH MY GOODNESS.  This stuff washes fantastic!  It took the stinkies out and got rid of some texture issues I was having with my previous detergent.  I had no qualms with ordering more during their Black Friday sale!  Well was I in for a surprise... I ordered the winter pomegranate scent.  My mailbox smelled so lovely, my mailperson must have wondered what was inside!  Let me warn you this scent is so delicious you may be tempted to eat your laundry wash...

Now, all you who have men in your lives know what I am talking about when I say "man odor" or "eau de man".  I have used countless detergents, oxyclean, and bleach to try to get this scent out of my husband's undershirts and our sheets.  Look no further!  I left a message on their facebook page asking for recommendations for this problem.  Well all I had on hand was the diaper wash, so they recommended I add a scoop of oxyclean to that and wash away.  No more man smell!!!!  Well guess what I'll be ordering as soon as I stop feeling guilty about all the mainstream detergent I already have that I am not going to use anymore...

As far as customer service goes, they are super duper fantastic!  I had some problems with a bag being ripped open, and they were quick to respond and helpful with fixing the issue.  Lets just say my postal people are rough with their packages.  Lyndsay is lovely to deal with and I would recommend Ruby Moon to anyone!  I'm already guilty of sharing her lovely product with my sister in law since it is SO fantastic!

So go show them some love, order some samples, or dive in and order a whole bag!  You won't regret it one bit!

Ruby Moon Website

Ruby Moon on Facebook

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