Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Diaper Routine

Since one of my friends asked, and I will be showing her what I do...I felt I should write this out to share....

What diapers do I use?  Well MANY different types.  I have everything from Fuzzibunz to Rumparooz.  At night, I like to use either a Fuzzibunz size medium stuffed with a microfiber & a hemp insert OR a bumGenius 3.0 or 4.0 stuffed with both inserts.  During the day, I LOVE my GroVia AIO's they are trim, plus easy to change and easy to clean.  Rumparooz are nice for just about any time.  bumGenius works well for anytime as well as night.  My favorite to pack in my diaper bag (and favorite daytime diaper) is the Bummis TotBots Easy Fit.  I also love to tote around my bumGenius elemental due to its small size.  Others that I like include Happy Heinys (anytime) and my diaper from Cloth by Tel.  I have a few others that are at the bottom of the totem pole that are currently taking a break from circulation.

Where do I put my used diapers?  Well I have a tall kitchen garbage bin with a lid that I use a pail liner in.  When it fills up, I do laundry (yes, I have THAT many diapers and more).  I miss the days of exclusive breastfeeding because now I have to deal with that "in between poo" that is the consistency of peanut butter (and just as sticky).  Since my son poops only once every two days, the diaper bin filling up & the poopy diapers coincide, making my life less smelly.

Wash routine:
Poopy to be taken care of ASAP. Last time I took them and did the dunk and swish in the toilet (with rubber gloves on) plus a hold on to the diaper for dear life and flush.  That worked pretty good, just don't forget to take out the insert if it's a pocket!
I must admit, I am lazy and wait until wash day to unstuff my pockets.  This just makes my life easier and a little less messy.  So I take the garbage bin in the laundry room with me and start picking diapers out, unstuff them into the washing machine, and grab another till its done.  I then grab the pail liner and throw it in too.
IMPORTANT: I do LOTS of rinses...this helps with ammonia buildup, repelling issues, etc.
The first thing I do is a prewash with NO detergent on COLD.  I may experiment going back to just a rinse before wash, but this is what worked best on a previous detergent, so I just kept doing it.
Next up, I do a HOT wash with Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Wash if you don't have ruby moon or prefer another brand, make sure it is cloth diaper safe! otherwise you may end up with buildup, or give your poor baby a rash... best not to have any enzymes or brighteners.
My machine is a top loading HE machine.  I use one tbsp detergent and I have it set for an extra rinse.
Once that is done, if you do an extra spin cycle it will take less time to dry in the dryer.
I follow manufacturer's guidelines for drying: bumGenius 3.0, 4.0 pockets should NOT be dryed in the dryer.  The inserts are fine in the dryer however.  If you want to extend the life of your PUL (the plastic coating that keeps your diapers waterproof) and the elastics, then line dry.  However I am laaaazy and I throw everything except the bumGenius in the dryer.  I also throw in a dry towel and 4 dryer balls.  Usually everything except maybe a hemp insert or two is dry on one cycle if I do the extra spin cycle on the washing machine.

I use the Gro Via Magic Stick for any rashes.  DO NOT....I repeat DO NOT use the creams you can buy at the drug store unless you use a liner to protect your diapers!  The creams will make your diapers repel like crazy.  IF perchance you did do that, rinse rinse rinse, or check out the tutorials some people have with stripping with blue dawn.

I used to have to strip my diapers when I was using another detergent...I used RLR previously and it worked great.  You do this if your diapers are repelling...usually caused by detergent buildup.

I generally don't get stains that last more than a few washes now, but if you get stains the easiest way to get them out is the sun.  Here I can set a diaper out in the sun for a few hours and the stain is magically gone....line drying outside also works great for getting out any funky smells....but your diapers shouldn't be smelling funky.

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