Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few thoughts

I am super excited about my upcoming reviews, but I do want to say a few things...

First off, these will be actual reviews, not a re-posting of what is on the manufacturer's website.  I will be telling you my experiences with the diaper, take my own photographs, and I will be telling you all the details about each diaper & manufacturer (in hopefully an interesting way). 

Secondly, I believe that every diaper has a purpose, what may work for me may not work as well for you and vice-versa.  That is why I will be describing each diaper and comparing features.  All in all, I am not doing this to get free diapers out of manufacturers, I genuinely hope that my reviews help you make decisions in purchasing diapers that fit your needs and lifestyle the best.

I am a mom, a parent, just like the rest of you.  I would like to help educate everyone on how easy and simple it is to use cloth diapers, and help make your choices easier.  I hope my reviews and posts will be helpful to you.

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