Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Grand AIO Project

Well some of you asked for it on facebook, and I'm making it become a reality.  I have contacted several companies regarding a review & comparison of AIO diapers.  So far participating we have:
Dri-Line Bamboo Baby (aplix & snaps)
Eco Bumz
Blissful Booty

I already have diapers from 3 other companies, but am hoping for an official sponsorship.  So there will be at least 7 diapers reviewed & compared!  I will help you choose the right AIO for your lifestyle, ease of use, or for economical or environmental reasons.

Please spread the word, if you want to see more reviews of other brands I need more GFC followers!  Help me help you & new moms learn more about cloth diapers.

*added envibum 3/21


  1. I highly recommend joining some blog hops to get your GFC number up! :)

  2. I just found your blog and hope you will follow back! I am new to blogging and am also a cloth diapering mama