Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blissful Booty AIO Diaper

First, I’d like to say the lovely Cathy who runs Blissful Booty is very nice, and awesome! 

These diapers come sized, from newborn to toddler.  Sized diapers provide a better fit, while matching the absorbency needed for the size of the child.

So far, these diapers come in two colors: celery and buttercream, but there are more colors coming soon!

What makes this diaper unique:
·        Double gussets
·        Ultra soft interior
·        Front elastic

If you have an ultra-wetter like my son (heavy wetter +) then you can boost the absorbency power of the diaper by laying in a few booster pads.  I use two for my son’s diapers.

This diaper uses an aplix closure, but you can also upgrade to snaps & aplix.  The aplix is good quality, and the laundry tabs really work!

These diapers are great for the diaper bag or for everyday use.  They are very trim and compact.

Drying time: these do not take much longer than a pocket diaper’s inserts to dry.

This is a true AIO, no stuffing or fussing involved, just wash, dry, then put on baby!

Price: Diapers run $17.99 for one or $64.99 for a 4 pack.  Boosters are $12.99 for a 5 pack

Check out Blissful Booty's Website for all your diapering needs; they have wipes, wipe water concentrate, diaper detergent, pail liners, DIAPERS of course, and wet bags as well as the boosters.

And follow them on Facebook to be in-the-know when they have sales & giveaways!

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