Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers All in One Diaper Review

The Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers All in One diaper is a sized diaper that runs from S-XL
This AIO is a side snapper, and only comes in snaps, and only comes in white.  It is made of cotton terry and a PUL outer.

The Sandy’s Absorbent Liner offers an extra boost for overnight or heavy wetters.  This liner just needs to be laid inside the diaper, no stuffing or fuss.

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers products are made in Canada.  They have been manufacturing diapers for over 18 years and continue to improve their products.

I received the All in One diaper in size large.  My son is at the bottom of the recommended weight range, but I knew the medium would be too small or wouldn’t last us long since he’s a growing boy!  I also received the Sandy’s Absorbent Liner in unbleached cotton size large.

This diaper may not be the most glamorous diaper, but it sure does absorb!  It works well for long naps, and appears to be very comfortable for my son.  It leaves no red marks, the elastic is not too tight at all, yet it is enough to keep the diaper on and functioning properly.  I never tried this without the Sandy’s Absorbent Liner, since I was afraid my son would wet straight through just the diaper.  My son can soak the entire diaper & liner, but it has not leaked.  The only (minor) issue is if he wet heavily, the diaper will wick through the manufacturer’s tag.  Generally, this only happens overnight or after a very long nap.

The Mother-Ease All in One Diaper retails from $15.95-$17.95
The Sandy’s Absorbent Liner retails for $2.30

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