Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dri-Line Bamboo Baby All in One Cloth Diaper Review

The Dri-Line Bamboo Baby All in One Diaper is a one size diaper, adjustable by snaps for the rise, and either a snap or aplix closure.

The inside of the diaper is a super soft Bamboo Rayon (80% bamboo Rayon / 20% Polyester) and the waterproof layer is PUL.  The absorbent liner is attached, so you won't need to go fishing for it in the wash.  This diaper does not need to be stuffed, simply lay the liner inside the diaper, fold over the excess, and put it on your baby.

Dri-Line products are made in Canada

I received a diaper in blue with snap closure, and one in chocolate with aplix closure to review.

This is a newer version diaper, if you experienced the old version, they have vastly improved the aplix!  I have not had any issues with the aplix on this diaper, it sticks well to the laundry tabs in the wash.  This version also comes in snaps for those of us that prefer snapping diapers.

I have my son on the middle setting, and it fits great! This diaper will be able to fit him for quite a while longer than some other one size diapers.  The inside is very soft, even after several washes.  I love using this diaper since it is easy to use, I just fold down the attached soaker and put it on my son.  No hunting for liners, inserts, and no stuffing.  I also LOVE the new colors!  The chocolate diaper is my favorite color.  This diaper is great for taking in the diaper bag, during the day, or even naps.  The absorbency is amazing, probably due to the use of bamboo instead of cotton.

This diaper retails for $22.95

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