Monday, November 28, 2011

How do you use your Oeko Popo Diaper? A review

How do you use your Oeko Popo Diaper?

The Oeko Popo Diaper is an up and coming unique diapering option. Undecided on what style of cloth diapering to use? There are pockets, all in ones, all in twos, fitteds, and prefolds.  Well with the Oeko Popo Diaper, you can try ALL of these with a little help.  The Oeko Popo Diaper is designed to be a pocket, an AIO, and AI2, and a diaper cover! This is AMAZING and this is just the beginning of what I have to tell you about their wonderful diapers!

This diaper is super trim when used with their inserts. The inserts may be super thin, but they absorb quite well!

The prices for these diapers are ONLY $11.95 for size 1, and $13.95 for size 2. This can build up a stash for a low price! Not to mention the lovely lady who runs Oeko Popo is super nice!

The diaper I received for review is the Versatility diaper in red.  The first thing I noticed was how trim it was... but when I put it on my son, I noticed something I REALLY liked. The extra wing snaps on the inside! When your diaper is snapped tighter and you have extra snaps on the outside, without these snaps the fabric tends to stick up...but this solves that problem

Onto the uses! I will show you a few I really like

Used as a cover with a prefold (no snappis needed!)

Use as a cover with a fitted diaper

And then as an AI2 or AIO, you can leave this snapped when you wash or unsnap it and use it as an AI2 and replace the soaker with a clean one

They also sell a snap in pocket, but I don't have one or else I'd have photos of that for you as well!

Another thing I noticed about this diaper, is that it looks like it will fit a much larger baby. My son is currently around 25 lbs and is all the way unsnapped for rise on all his one size diapers EXCEPT for the Oeko Popo! I actually have the rise snapped down one. You can see the size difference here comparing the BumGenius Elemental with the Oeko Popo Versatility at their largest snap settings

But the diaper can also get super small as well as seen here comparing smallest setting again with the BumGenius Elemental

The crossover tabs are especially nice for those small babies

My son really enjoys wearing this diaper as well, works great for an active toddler!

You can purchase Oeko Popo Diapers at
or visit them on facebook

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